The cigar ritual includes making the cut correctly. This is not of minor relevance, and its importance is in proportion to the quality of the cigar at stake.
The size of the cut will affect the taste, combustion and draw of the cigar: a cut that is too small reduces the draw and provokes an excessive nicotine concentration; if it is too big, the puff will be too warm and it will burn too fast.

Cigar lovers believe the best cut is slightly smaller than the total diameter of the cigar.
Although the cut must be made with determination, it can not be too harsh since it is the cap that holds the wrapper in place and if you harmed the cap it would unravel the wrapper, making it impossible to smoke. This is unlikely to occur, though, since there is a very visible line that marks the point where the cap is held by.
The type of cut may also vary in accordance to whether the shape of the cigar is “parejo” or “figurado” (regular or irregular shaped).



Pocket Cigar cutters (the best ones have diverse diameters and steel ends in order to make deep cuts) with one or two blades, as well as cutters with an angular tip (the cigars must be positioned in the same inclination for the cut to be even), and scissors cutters (they achieve very clean cuts but require more ability in doing so), provide a guillotine type cut, which is circular and very precise. By placing the cigar’s head in the area where the cut will be made, you should be ready to do so by means of a very precise and fast movement, which shall avoid the risk of harming the cap.

The V-cutter creates an angular cut of two sides called the v-shaped cut. A large opening of this type of cut might ensure a better draw, but it might also result in a puff exceeded in smoke and heat.

The drill cutter creates a cut that is actually a hole or perforation. It is not used much by the enthusiasts due to the various difficulties it presents. This type of perforation makes a certain amount of nicotine remain on the sides and bottom of the hole, not allowing for a regular draw and also altering the taste and temperature of the puff.