The history begins in 1910, with the fusion of the cuban tradition and mexican experience of making cigars when Don Manuel Blanco starts a small factory of cigars in Havana, Republic of Cuba. He developed good and fine cigars that heirs to his son, Don Manuel Blanco Jr., He continued the tradition of making cigars until the History stopped his way of working in 1959. The tradition remained in the Family and gave us the opportunity to revive the art of making cigars of Three generations in Mexico. Now we combine this experience elaborating  the famous Don M. Blanco cigars, with the best extrafine tobacco leaves  of the Veracruz region by mixing the cuban and mexican tradition of making each cigar an art pice with the unique purpose of making a pleasant experience to the smoker.


Our cigars are totally handmade using the Cuban tradition of making every tobacco a piece of art, this, with the only purpose of having a pleasant experience of smoking a good cigar. Every piece of art is made with the finest tobacco of San Andres, wrapper is first extra quality, binder is made with finest tobacco too, an art that you as a knowing smoker  will enjoy without any doubt. All tobaccos are made with long filler that makes  long last the taste of the tobacco


We have eigth different rings: Petit Corona, Corona, Robusto, Churchill, Torpedo, Lancero, Panetela, and mini-cigar, the tobacco is medium strong flavour, little spicy, proper of Veracruz region. The color is from Colorado to Natural. The Wrapper Leaves are prestiged for their silkiness and such a delicate vein structure. This make without any doubt to an art piece to be tasted by Yourself.