The mixture

Elaborating a fine cigar requires a criterions combination of the different varieties of tobacco leaves. The main constituent is the one used in the filler, where the tobacco is bunched together or cut in pieces, depending on the type of cigar.



The combination of a few varieties of tobacco result in the mixture of leaves that will form the filler, and this mixture or blend will determine the cigarís specific taste.

Savoring a perfect combination of flavors depends on the blenderís alchemy. It is the blender who knows perfectly the subtle variations of every tobacco leaf and works the blend, choosing its best qualities.

It is this tobacco masterís ability and knowledge that confer him the criteria to combine the tobacco that has been subjected to rigorous control processes, humectation, selection and maturing. The quantities and types of tobacco selected for the elaboration of a good cigar determine the blend, the degree of strength in its aroma, the combustion and the character of its flavor.

There is an incredible range of flavors and even though the basic ones are bitter, sour, salty and sweet, many terms may be used to describe the smokeís characteristics: strong, subtle, rough, acid, full bodied, equilibrated, etc.
It is the blenderís achieved art that allows the selected flavors to unite their nuances, providing the cigar with an even body and intensity, and also making sure that the unique flavor of every tobacco that was used in the blend remains. The final result is a delicate range that enhances the cigarís full spirit.