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    Soft tobaccos in woodbox  
cm25to Cedar box with 25 torpedoes pieces 7/50

measures: 28.4 x 4.5 x 18 cms

cm25ch Cedar box with 25 churchill pieces 7/50

measures: 28.5 x 4.4 x 20.5 cms

cm25co Cedar box with 25 corona pieces 6/42

measures: 24 x 4.5 x 17.5 cms

cce25ro Cedar box with 25 robustos pieces 5/50

measures: 28.5 x 4.7 x 15





ca4ro Box with 4 robustos pieces $14.99
ca5co Box with 5 corona pieces $14.99


Mini cigars
ca5m-va Box with 20 vanilla scented mini cigar "castillitos" $2.99
ca5m-ce Box with 20 cherry scented mini cigar "castillitos" $2.99
ca5m-ch Box with 20 chocolate scented mini cigar "castillitos" $2.99
ca5m-na Box with 20 tequila scentedl, mini cigar "castillitos" $2.99



H001 Portable Humidor model 1 $90.00
H002 Portable Humidor model 2 $93.75
H003 Portable Humidor model 3


H004 Portable Humidor - unique piece of 1905. $416.67
H006 Portable Humidor cuaba model 6 $312.50
H007 Dimensiones:
(20 X 24 X 8 cm)
H008 Dimensiones:
(20 X 24 X 8 cm)
exhif-1 Humidor, Exhibition and Work table $500.00


Humidor Accesories
H011   $170.00
H012   $170.00
H013   $155.00



    Guillotines and Cigar cutters  
pagui3 3 cutter pack $14.99
guipl1 Silver cigar cutter with Don M. Blanco engraved logo $24.99
G001 $8.33
G002 $31.25
G004   $26.67


V001 Orange candle $10.83
V002 Yellow candle $10.83



plsp1   Sport Tshirt with  logo on the back $12.99
plca1 Polo Tshirt model 1 $14.99
plca2 Polo Tshirt model 2 $14.99
tlogo1 Cofeecup with Don Manuel logo $9.99
tlogo2 Cofeecup with Tabacos J. Castillo logo $9.99
tlogo3 Set of both cofeecups $18.99


Payment conditions


USA and Canada

Money Order

American bank Check

Money deposit in USA Accounts



Latin America

Money Order

Bank transfer




Deposit (IBAN) Caja de ahorros de madrid

Bank transfer

Money order

Money Bookers


Asia and Midwest

Bank transfer to a USA or Mexican bank.


Shippment conditions


Based on the volume we can send your products via

door to door.

Freight costs: Please contact us, in order to check regulations that may apply to you origin country.


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for export orders or if you require more information about our products please go to the contact section