The new varieties of the different zones in the world, the frequent changes in the tobaco production and the quality of the elaboration of the tobacco, have been modified the smokers preferences, and the best recomendation is to abstract themselves of making comparisons with the established products like he standard and certain basic principles like proof the blend, the texture, the quality of the smoke and the finishing details.






The best way to do it is to find a good provider before a good tobacco in certain moment. You can identify it because they will always have time for any questions and giving some advices.

For choosing a certain blend you can try choosing the best flavor you like, the taste of a cigar grows while you continue smoking and it´s strenght is clearly noted when you are at the middle of the cigar, if you choose a wider is the cigar it will tend to burn slower and usually are softer than the thinner.


Watching at the caracteristics of the wrapper will help to recognize the varieties. It´s important to check if the color of the leaf is uniform, the solar burns doesn´t affect at all the quality of the cigar.

Finally the most important person to choose the right cigar will be yourself, because you know exactly which taste is the one you like and your preferences.